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Ruby stood in the center of the room, stretching her arms above her head.  "Oh boy it's feels great to be at the wheel. Now what should I do today?"  She says. Ruby looks around the apartment, thinking of what to do. After a few minutes, a light bulb appears over her head, but flickers out. "Oh come on.." she reaches up and twists it out of invisible hold. Then proceeds to pull a new one out of her pocket and put it up in the socket. After a few twist it lights up, Ruby claps happily. 

"Now I know what to do, this living space has got to go. A lady like us deserves better. I have jus the plan, but I need money. Hmmm.. oh I know." Ruby says as she pulls a hundred dollar bill out, she then grabbed the corner of it and peeled it off, revealing another hundred dollar bill. She smirked and proceeds to keep going until there is money covering the floor.

"I think that's enough." Ruby says as she quickly began to organize the money into stacks. "Now to commence operation: Ruby house makeover, go team!" She fist pumps the air. She raises a leg and arms in the air and speeds out of the apartment in the blink of a eye, taking the money with her.

A green blur speeds through the streets towards, the real estate building. The secretary was behind her desk, filling out reports when suddenly the doors open and woman with a green face zoomed up to the desk. She's has red hair tied behind her head in a ponytail, a pinstriped suit, and was wearing reading glasses.

" may I help you today?" The secretary says, a little afraid of the woman.

Ruby keeps a straight face, staring down at the young woman. "Yes, I have an appointment with Jake..I believe he works at State Farm?" She says in a posh voice.

The young woman looked confused, meanwhile Ruby's straight face broke. "Aw come on that wasn't funny to you?" Ruby says whining, taking her false glasses off.

"Oh it was a joke?" The young woman says.

"No duh! But seriously I need to see your boss." Ruby says as she literally ripped her suit off, revealing her normal clothes underneath, but she decides to keep the ponytail thinking it's a cute look.

"Oh he is a meeting right now. Can I take a message?"

"A meeting huh? Is it on the top floor?"

"Yes it is, why?"

"Thank you sweetie for your time." Ruby says blowing a kiss to the young secretary and walking out. Leaving the poor girl, blushing.

Ruby walks out of the building and looks up and the semi tall building. "Now how to get up there? Giant slingshot? No, to easy. Flying? No, too lazy..I'm looking at you Superman!" Ruby says angrily. "Ooooo I got it!" Ruby then turns around and runs up the side of the building across from the other building. She stops when she gets to the top, she pulls out a white hoodie and flips the hood up. The hood shadows her eyes, she stands on the edge of the building. A lone eagle flies by letting out a screech, as Ruby lifted her arms up and divide off the building.

Inside the board room..

"So our stocks are down that badly?" The CEO said.

"I'm sorry sir, but no one wants to purchase our property's." One of the board members said

"Well it's not like some desperate customer is gonna fall right into our laps." 

Suddenly Ruby crashed through the roof and landed on the table, becoming flat as a pancake. Moaning could be heard from the flat form, as her hand raises up and pulls her whole body up.

"Ok that one hurt a little, I knew I should left the bale of hay." She says, then she put a thumb in her mouth and blew. Her body slowly inflated back to normal, as she dusted her hoodie off. "Much better, now where was I"

She turns around to look at the CEO. "Sorry about that, I'll pay for it, but I would like to purchase a property please." Ruby says with a cute begging look.

"Um...sure...I'll you what we got..if you would follow me miss." He says.

For the next hour, the two talked about all their available homes, one in particular caught Ruby's eye. "How much for this one?"

"That one? That would be $300,000, and the rent is $15,000 a month." Ruby pulls out several stacks of her money and slams it on the desk. "I'll take it!"

Ruby stands in front of her new home, it is a second story house. It brown colored, has a stone path walkway to the front door and back. She has plenty of yard for a garden. "Oooo this is so exciting, we are going to love it here!" Ruby says, thinking of Blake too, since he isn't at the helm now. Ruby proceeded to check the interior of the house. It has a beautiful living room, dining room combo, a full kitchen with a island. Two bathrooms, one with a built jacuzzi tub, the other has a regular shower. There are three bedrooms, two regular bedrooms and one big master bedroom.

"Now we are talking, but now we need furniture!" Ruby says, as she rips her clothes off, revealing a construction outfit underneath. She proceeded to yank a hard hat, out from her belt pouch. "Now let's get to work" she says smiling.
The Masked Gem - Chapter 5
Sorry for the delay enjoy.

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'Knock knock!'


'Knock knock!'

Not answering you..."

'Come on silly pleeeease. Knock knock.'

"Uhhh, who's there....?"

'You know.'

"You know who?"

'EXACTLY!' Ruby said as she began giggling her head off.

Blake groaned loudly shoving his face into his pillow. Trying to drown out her voice, but it's pointless hiding from a voice in your head. It has been a week, since Blake found the mask, he hasn't put it on since that night. Since Ruby has been in his head, the company has been nice, but it turns out Ruby loves being funny. 

"Please enough've been at this for two hours.." Blake whined under his pillow.

'Nope, mwahahah. Besides I'm bored, put on the mask and let me out, I wanna go out.'

"No I don't want to put it on." 

'You know you want too. You want to feel the change, to become your true self. Besides I wanna go out and play!" Ruby whined like a pouting child.

Even if he didn't want to admit it out loud, he did want to put it on. Thinking back to that night, he felt free and actually happy in a long time. He wanted it again, but he is scared. He doesn't know what Ruby will do, she seems to have a bubbly personality, but he is just having trouble trusting her.

'You know I can hear you right?' 

"Oh right sorry..." 

'In all seriousness Blake, I know I seem untrustworthy, but I just want the best for us. After all we are the same person, as much as you don't want to admit it now. Now come on put on the mask and let's have fun.' Ruby said trying to convince him.

Blake said nothing for several minutes, before standing up and grabbing the mask off the dresser. He looked deep in its eyes and let out a deep exhale. He shook his head and threw it onto the bed. It landed face down on the pillow. 

"I need a shower to think..." he said running his hands through his thick beard.

Blake headed into the bathroom for a shower, turning on the hot water. Blake stood in the shower for a while, not caring about raising his water bill. His mind kept wondering onto the mask. All week he has been wanting to put it on, to become a woman again. After meeting Ruby, the previous night became so clear the feeling of freedom. Being able to be himself, and the power he had. He turned off the shower and stepped out and grab his towel. He walked out drying his hair, he looked in the mirror. Instead of seeing himself, he saw Ruby smirking at him. 

"What the?!" He shouted.

'Hey have a nice shower?' Ruby asked tilting her head to side. She was wearing light blue tank top, and sweatpants. Her ruby colored hair cover one of her eyes a little giving her a adorable look.

"How are!? What?! " 

'I'm not really here remember. I'm in your head.' She says tapping the side of her head. 

Blake shook his head. "Stop bugging me please!" 

'Nope, your stuck with me sweetie.' 

Blake groaned as he turned around and flopped face down on his pillow, his face hitting something hard and warm. He then remembered he threw the mask on his bed.

"Oh shit!" He yelled as he sat up on his knees, as the mask began to morph on his face, making him groan.

The mask began to crawl over his head, creaking as it moves. The mask closes and seals tightly at the back of his head. Blake holds his head in his hands, as the mask pushes and pulls on his head,morphing it into a more feminine shape.

His groans of pain slowly turn into moans of pleasure as he watches his naked body change before his eyes. His C-cups breasts grew out, along with his ass. His figured slimmed out. All his body hair receded into his body, as his skin became more smoother.

"Oh yes this feels amazing!" Blake said as his voice changed into Ruby's. The mask merged with his mouth and eyes and tightened once more on his head, but sending his transforming body in a twister. He bounced all over the room, moaning in pleasure.

The twister came to a screeching halt. Standing in his place, is now Ruby, wearing her light blue tank top, grey sweatpants with Wonder Woman printed on them. She flipped her hair behind her, making her bangs cover her right eye particularly. She opens door her ember eyes and smirked.

"About time." She giggled. 
Sun shined through the blinds and onto Blake's sleeping face. He turned over in his bed to face away from the bright beams, but as he rolled over his head bummed something hard.

"Ouch what was.." he mumbled still half asleep.

He opened his eyes to see the mask he found laying face up on the pillow. He quickly shot up out of the bed, finding himself stumbling onto the floor. He got up and ran over to his mirror to check his face, sighing with relief seeing it's normal.

"Oh man what a dream.."

'Too bad it wasn't sweetie.' A smooth voice said.

Blake jumped around and looked around his apartment, finding no one. "Who said that?" He asked getting paranoid.

'On the bed silly.' The voice said again giggling.

Blake look at the bed seeing nothing but the mask. He walked over to it and picked it up looking at its face. "Hello?"

'Hiii!' The voice said again but louder.

"GAHHH!" Blake shouted as he dropped the mask on the bed and backed up into the dresser, breathing heavily. "What the fuck!"

'Watch your mouth, after all we never liked swearing sweetie.

"What the hell are you?!" 

'I'm you silly, well you when you wear the mask. It's a me Ruby.' The voice, now comfirmed as Ruby.

Blake stares at the mask for a few minutes not moving or speaking.

'You gonna say anything? I know you have questions like, how is this possible? Why I'm so great looking? Why Batman v Superman wasn't that great? All Great questions.' Ruby giggled.

"This can't be real, I mean masks can't talk or transform people!" Blake says as he runs his hands through his hair in frustration.

'I'm actually not the mask talking, I'm in your head! Which is better, it's now even more roomy in here since you let me out.'

"Let you out? What the hell does that mean?!" 

'Language! Do I need to wash you mouth out with soap mister?' Ruby's says like a mother. 'Anyways, I'm you and you are me, we are the same but I'm the side of yourself that you hide away.'

"Hide away, that makes no sense." Blake states, now even more confused.

'You don't remember when you were a kid? Trying on mom's clothes and makeup when you were home alone? Feeling beautiful and cute? Feeling like you were suppose to be like that?' Ruby's says in a soft caring voice.

As she talked, Blake slowly began to remember those days. The happiness he felt from doing it..feeling whole. Then he frowned when the memories of his mom and dad finding out, punishing him, tellling him dressing like that was wrong. He spent years trying to hide those painful memories, but here is a voice in his head saying she is him.

"This is so much to take in..." he says as slides his back against the dresser holding his head in his hands. As he sits there, he feels a warm embrace in his mind.

'I know it's painful, I was there with you. I've always been here, but now we can finally be our true self.'  

"This is real isn't it?"

'It is.'

"Well life just got interesting...I have a magical mask, a feminine side in my head and I have hickies on my neck..wait what!?" Blake gets up and sees his neck has quite a few of them. "Where did this come from?"

'Oh that would be my bad, see we needed some stress reliever so I got us laid, by this amazing cute girl.'

Blake stared at the love marks for several seconds, before noticing a note on the dresser. He picks it up to read it.

"Hey sorry for leaving early, had to go to work. Thanks for the amazing night, hope to see you again Ruby. Call me. Love Scarlet." The note read, and there was her number on the bottom along with a lipstick kiss mark.

'Omg, she likes us and we got her number! YAAAAY!' Ruby cheers.

Blake pitches the bridge of his nose, groaning. "What have I got myself into...."

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The night air, felt cool against Ruby's skin as she walked down the sidewalk with a little spring in her step. She hums a little song, as she eyed her destination in the distance.

"Oh yay there it is. The Emerald Ring, the hottest place in town." she says with a twinkle in her eye.

As she increased her speed, someone steps out in front of her. A man wearing all black clothes, and he had long shaggy hair. 

"Hey there cutie, where you heading?" he asked eyeing her body.

"Sorry hun, but I'm not interested." she says walking around him, but stops when he grabs her arm. That when she's see's his hand, a skull was tattooed on it. Ruby's eye's widen as she remembers Blake's mugger.

"I think you are, but love playing hard to get baby" he says as he pull Ruby closer to him, she can smell liquior in his breath.

Ruby pulls her arm free but drops her purse on the ground. "Oh my purse, could you please get that for me?" She asked with literal puppy dog eyes and she sticks her bottom lip out.

He bends down to grab it, but when he does, Ruby smirks and kicks him in the face sending him flying down the sidewalk. He grunts as he lands holding his now bleeding nose. 

"What the hell?!" He shouts and he looks at Ruby now terrified because he is on all fours and her head has morphed into a bulls head. She begins charging toward him. He tries to get up and run but it's too late, Ruby hits him square in the back sending flying once more. Her head turns back to normal and she slowly walks over to him. The mugger shakes with fear as he holds his now aching body. 

"You took my friends money earlier, and I'd like it all back. Please" she said with a cute pleading look, titling her head to the side.

"Please don't hurt me, take it all!" he says as he throws the money from his pocket, then he gets up and takes off running.

"Well that was easier than I thought." Ruby says as she picks up the cash. Her eyes literally pop out her head as she sees how much cash he threw. This must be all the money from his previous robberies.

"I can get a new dress now!" she smiles as she shoves the cash in her purse and continues her journey to the club.

Music was playing loudly in the club, brights flashing on the dance floor. Guys were challenging others to shots. Ruby felt giddy as a kid on Christmas morning. She went and got herself a glass of whiskey, and while she was drinking she began eyeing cute girls in the club. 

There is one girl that caught her eye, she is wearing a tight leather dress, knee high leather boots, she has silky Raven hair and crystal blue eyes, she has light dark skin. Ruby's jaw literally hit the floor with a clang once she saw the girls booty. She tug on her ear like a draw string, and her jaw came back up to its place. Ruby smirked and in the blick of a eye, ran over to the girl stopping in front of her.

"Hey there cutie, I love your outfit"

"Thank you, I love your...mask?" The girl says caught off guard from Ruby's sudden appearance.

"Aww your making me blush sweetie." Ruby says as a her green cheeks turn red from actual blushing. "Would you like to dance?" 

"I'd love too." The girl says.

The dance began dancing for serveal minutes before they decided to take a break and get some drinks. Ruby down seven shots of whiskey like it was nothing, the girl looked at her in shock.

"I'm jealous, I get hammered off of three shots." 

"Oh this hun? That was nothing, I can handle any drink thrown at me. By the way, names Ruby."

The girl smiles at her. "Mines Scarlet."

The two smiled at each, glazing into their eyes.

"Shall we head back to my place?"

The two girls fall onto the bed, kissing each other deeply. They are in nothing but their bras and panties, Scarlet was moaning loudly as Ruby kisses and nibbles on her neck.

"Oh Ruby, don't stop. That feels so good." 

"Time to show you what I really can do." Ruby smirks as she pulls the covers over them.
The Masked Gem - Chapter 2
Enjoy the next installment. Feedback is welcomed
It was dark inside the small apartment, silent and still. The peace was  interrupted by the owner unlocking the door and flicking on the lights. Blake walked in and shut the door behind him, locking it back.

He took off his bag and dropped it next to his bed, next he kicked his shoes off and then let himself fall onto the bed on his stomach.

"Uh...what a day...almost fired again and then mugged. Just another typical day." He complained to himself.

He sat up and looked around at his trashy apartment, it was pretty small. It had a small kitchen with a cheap gas stove and a small fridge. The bathroom had a cramped shower and half broken faucet. The rest of the apartment was filled by his bed and a dresser with a big mirror attached.

It was a poor excuse for a home, but he calls it home. He gets up and walks over to the fridge and grabs a beer bottle and pops it open, then takes a huge swig.

He walked over the mirror to look at himself, looking at his gruff appearance. He had brown hair that was always a mess. He has a scruffy beard which he dragged a hand through. "I need to shave soon" he muttered to himself. He had a bit of a beer gut, and not much of any muscle build up.

After he finished his self brooding, Blake sat back his bed and opened his drawer and pulled out a new comic book he bought recently. He loves comics and video games when he was younger, he wanted to do cosplay, but he could never get money to do it. For comics he loves female heros and villians a lot, his favorite comic book character is Wonder Woman, he always dreamed of being like her. She beautiful, strong, and sexy. He also enjoys Harley Quinn, he fell in love with her character as a kid when she was first introduced, he loves her bubbly personality and cute charm.

"Well that was a great issue." He says after he closes the comic, now he waits for the new comic to come out next week. He sets it off to the side when he suddnely remembers the mask he found. He picks up his bag and opens it up to reveal the masks face staring back. He picks it up and holds it an arms length away, inspecting it features.

"I wonder why someone would throw this away, some to be a collectible." he says as he flips it over to inspect the inside. He stands up and walks over the mirror, chuckling. 

"Maybe this mask can help hide my ugly mug to maybe finally get noticed." he jokes as he looks at himself in the mirror and lifts the mask to his face, but stopped it once it was aligned with his eyes.


 The mask seemed to reach for his face and it touched his nose. He jerked it away and the mask popped back to it original shape.

"What in the world was that?!" He said, as he began breathing heavily, his heart racing and pounded against his chest. He stared at the inside of the mask with wide eyes, when suddenly a green light shines from one end of the mask to the other. Blake felt his mouth go dry and his hands shaking as the mask rest in them. Without think he began to lift it up to his face. His heart was pounding in his ears and he was holding his breath with realizing it.


The mask kept from his hands to his face with a wet slap, a green fog emitted from the edges of the mask and floated around his head. He groaned loudly as the masks wooden surface turned into rubber and began to move and morph on his face. The edges of the mask began to crawl around his head reaching past his ears. He tried to grab the tendrils but he couldn't get a grasp on them. The mask creaked loudly as it stretched around his head covering his hair. Blake began to scratch the face of the mask, making it glow green brightly. He screamed as the mask closed at the back of his head and it began to tighten on his head.

Blake's body began to heat up and feel light. He felt his body shrink a few inches, and his body began to slim out. His body hair receded back into his body, his chest began to bloat as he grew C-cup breasts. His screams of pain slowly turned into moans out pleasure, his ass grew out and became squishy. 

"Oh my this feeels so good!" He said but his voice had become higher pitched. The mask connected to his mouth and eyes and his face reformed into a slimmer face. Bones began to reshape his body, hands and legs turned slimmer. His hips curved in to give him a near perfect hourglass figure.

"Yes yes yes! More more!" he screamed as he felt his his manhood retreat into his body and felt his womanhood appear. He gave one last scream of pleasure, then he became a green twister and spun around his apartment. The twister bounced against the walls and the bed, making papers and anything in the way fly around.

Then as quick as it began, the twister came to a halt. Standing there was no longer Blake, but a gorgeous new figure. She is wear high heel shoes and a cute pink dress that reached her thighs. Her nails wear perfectly manicured and were painted green, her skin was silky smooth. Now her face was bright green, she had flowing red hair that flowed down to her upper shoulders. She smiled and opened her eyes to reveal that they are now a ember color.

"Now this is what you needed sweetie, to let your inner desire out and boy let me tell you it's cramped inside that small mind of yours." the Masked figured said to herself. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. "Now I need a name for myself...hmmm I love this hair color. I'll call myself Ruby! Yes it's perfect." Ruby said to her reflection. 

She flipped her her hair over her shoulder and made a cute pose while doing the peace sign. "I think this dress is so cute, I hope the girls out there will love it." She said as he flicked her wrist and a Harley Quinn purse appeared in her hand, and she put it in on her shoulder. "Can't forget my favorite purse.

Ruby winks to her reflection know that Blake inside her mind is watching. She then walked out the apartment to have some fun tonight.
The Masked Gem - Chapter 1
Enjoy the new chapter, feedback is welcomed.

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